Jimmy McKeown

Co-Founder & Head Distiller / Director of Operations

Guardian of the Whipper Snapper recipe. Jimmy's creative, hands-on background set him up to be a meticulous technician and master distilling craftsman to ensure quality is maintained in every bottle that leaves our workshop.

2020 Icons of Whisky Australia - Master Distiller / Master Blender of the year.

Alasdair Malloch

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Co-Founder of the Whipper Snapper obsession, Al leads the business and sales operations, and is obsessed with converting all drinkers to whiskey lovers one at a time.

Copper (Swampy)

Senior Distillery Dog

Ryan Wilson

General Manager

Claudia Boehm

Cellar Door Manager

Mark Affleck

Senior Distiller

Denham Marissen

Assistant Distiller

Jens Wardrop

Senior Cellar Door Hand

Alex Yoshida

Senior Cellar Door Hand / Tours & Functions

James Nelson

Senior Cellar Door Hand / Head Barista

Nathan Blount

Sales / Brand Ambassador

Harry Stephenson

Cellar Door Hand / Markets

Anna Marija Ivchenko

Cellar Door Hand

Tess Malland

Cellar Door Hand / Socials

Elle Collins

Cellar Door Hand

Damien Charles

Cellar Door Hand

Jamie Cope

Sales / Markets

The Search

Tommy Cooper

Whiskey Mentor

After founding an award winning Colorado Gold whiskey recipe, Coop has spent 50 years refining his grandfathers recipe to now mentor the next generation. Coop took Jimmy under his wing to help raise Whipper Snapper Distillery during it founding years.

Frank McHardy

Whisky Advisor

Our Single Malt Magician, Frank combines his experience at Springbank & Bushmills over 50 years to guide our single malt recipe and process that is dedicated to maturing in our unique Aussie climate. Another great father figure to ensure the best quality whisky.

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