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Jimmy McKeown

Co-Founder & Head Distiller/Director of Operations

Guardian of the Whipper Snapper recipe. Jimmy's creative, hands-on background set him up to be a meticulous technician and master distilling craftsman to ensure quality is maintained in every bottle that leaves our workshop.
2020 Icons of Whisky Australia - Master Distiller / Master Blender of the year.

Alasdair Malloch

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Co-Founder of the Whipper Snapper obsession, Al leads the business and sales operations, and is obsessed with converting all drinkers to whiskey lovers one at a time.

The Search

Tommy Cooper

Whiskey Mentor

After founding an award winning Colorado Gold whiskey recipe, Coop has spent 50 years refining his veteran recipe to now deliver a premium Aussie taste that belongs to Whipper Snapper.

Frank McHardy

Whisky Advisor

Our Single Malt Magician, Frank combines his experience at Springbank & Bushmills over 50 years to guide our single malt recipe and process that is dedicated to maturing in our unique Aussie climate.

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