Upshot Red Corn


43% ABV

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Look; Golden amber
Nose; Soft floral, sweet, honey
Taste; Delicate vanilla, old English toffee, honey, green apple and a creamy texture
Finish; Balanced caramel, brown sugar, chocolate

Introducing Upshot Red Corn. A new addition to our corn series, created to highlight the many different varieties of maize, and the first of many to come.

This rare heirloom variety, also known as ‘Jimmy Red’, was a favourite amongst southern U.S moonshiners in the early 1900s. Back in 2018 we sourced this special variety for our legendary farmer, Christian Bloecker, who also grows our yellow corn, at the Bothkamp family farm in Kununurra.

Incredibly by simply changing the corn type we see a significate flavour difference. Compared to the regular Upshot which uses yellow corn, red corn doesn’t carry the heavier vanilla or spice notes. A lighter, more gentle character carrying new honey, apple, toffee flavours developed with a creamier mouth feel.

This is the first red corn whiskey in Australia and, as always, it is perfect for enjoying across seasons and in good company.

Cocktail Suggestion

Honey Smash

This sweet fruity cocktail complements the subtle honey notes and creamier mouth feel of our red corn variety.

45ml Upshot Red Corn Whiskey
15ml Orange Liqueur
15ml Honey
15ml Fresh Orange Juice
Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker, shake and strain over a tumbler full of ice. Garnish with fresh or dehydrated orange slice.

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