Smoked Honey Moonshine


200ml / 700ml
35% ABV

*200mls back in stock Friday the 8th

Yeehaw! An exciting new infusion is here!

This distinct and alluring character will tantalise your tastebuds. Using our staple Crazy Uncle Moonshine, we have infused it with Smokey Q’s Burnt Bees Smoked Honey to bring you a taste experience like no other.

Careful craftsmanship has gone into its conception, from the local ingredients to the infusion process. The unique blend promises a smooth palate-pleasing journey, combining the smokiness from the Murry Redgum woodchips with the natural sweetness of the honey, leaving you with an incredible flavour sensation.

Serve neat, over ice or shake up your next cocktail night and showcase what you can do with its distinctive taste.

Why not make it a gift?

Pair it with Smokey Q’s Smoked Honey jar for the ultimate sweetness sensation. It is an excellent complement to sauces and can be used as a glaze for meats. It’s a perfect addition to any pantry.

Cocktail Suggestion

Smoking Apple Highball

30ml Smoked Honey Moonshine
15ml Lemon Juice
Top with Cloudy Apple juice
Garnish with a lemon wheel
Add all ingredients to a glass with ice and stir to combine