Rye Whiskey


48% ABV

Look; Burnt Amber
Nose; Toasty, cherry cola, spice clove, burnt sugar
Taste; Sweet mint, spicy vanilla, rich caramel, hazelnut, orange peel
Finish; Long and savory with salted toffee, mocha
Single barrel

Born from our connection to the Western Australian Wheatbelt and our good mates who farm there. Our Wheatbelt Series showcases the heritage of our humble local farmers and the provenance of their premium grain.

Hailing from Ballardong boodja (Bruce Rock), Western Australia, the Fuchsbichlers, originally from Emmering, Bavaria grow a unique, heirloom German Rye. Now famous in the shire for this, Kevin & Jane, now with their son Josh, the fourth generation continue to grow the heritage rye first planted by Michael Fuchsbichler back in 1911.

In the past 40 years, dozens of other varieties were trialed, but the flour mills would always prefer the old faithful heritage rye, for its colour and quality in bread making. It does not yield well like wheat and is grown in less favourable soils. There’s a niche market for rye in WA, with only a hand full of growers. Our rye whiskey boosts a high ratio at 85% and we believe it is a true reflection of the Western Australian environment and the heritage of the 100 + year-old grain.

A brand-new rye whiskey experience balanced and exploding with flavours like spicy vanilla, orange peel, cherry cola, clove, and salted toffee. Together with 4 + years of virgin charred, American oak barrel maturation in Perth’s Mediterranean climate, it’s a rye whiskey redefined. Perfect for enjoying across seasons and in good company.