Introducing Veterans Club! Our exciting new initiative to support past and present members of our defence force. Read on to find out more about member exclusive discounts and upcoming events, as well as a deep dive on how it started, who’s eligible to join, and all the perks that come with it.

On Saturday the 10th of July we had our first official Veterans Club function! Both present and former members of the Australian Defence Force came together for a night of drink and comradery. Attendees were greeted with a dram of Upshot, a commemorative patch, and the captivating musical stylings of Howie Morgan Music, who continued to entertain throughout the course of the night. For anyone who was unable to attend, or has only just found out about the club, fear not! We have many more events like this planned, with a variety of other perks we know you’ll love.

Ryan giving a welcome message

If you follow our socials, or have visited our website recently, you may have noticed that back in April we launched the Whipper Snapper Veterans Club. You may be wondering what led to this initiative, and why it’s something we’re passionate about. Whilst the club itself is new, our affiliation with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has a longer history. Many sharp-eyed individuals often point out our logo incorporates a Lancaster Bomber, albeit with the addition of some barrels. Contrary to many brands we didn’t just choose our logo for its aesthetics, or direct relevance to what we do. The Lancaster is our attempt to pay homage to Vic, who worked as a mechanic and pilot of the Lancaster during WWII. His friendship with Alasdair provided the spark that served as the inspiration to start our distillery. Additionally, like many Australians, both Al and Jimmy had family who served to protect our country during the war. The inclusion of the barrels is a nod to ‘Modification XXX’, a designation given to jettison tanks that had been altered to provide troops beer during WWII.

Spitfire carrying beer into Normandy.
Close up of the barrel strapped to the modified under carriage.

Members of the ADF have also provided a lot of support to Whipper Snapper over the years. In 2018 we were approached by the Special Operations Engineers Regiment to create bottles of Upshot with a private label. Word quickly spread and before we knew it we had private requests from other groups such as:
● 7th Combat Support Service Battalion
● 171 Special Operations Aviation Squadron
● 2nd Flight Training School (261 pilots)
● 2 Squadron SASR
● 3 Squadron SASR
● 13 Brigade Army Reserves
Demand for this has continued to grow over the years, and this show of support for our humble distillery has not gone unnoticed. With this increasing display of loyalty we concluded it was time to find a way to reciprocate.

171 Special Operations Aviation Squadron.

Enter Ryan Wilson, a former member of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). Ryan recently joined the Whipper Snapper family, and is the mastermind behind our Veterans Club. Having recently traded his uniform for civilian attire, Ryan was itching to recreate the same atmosphere of mateship and comradery that he had experienced throughout his military career. One shared love he noticed many people in the military had was whiskey. He decided to try and find a way to combine these two elements. On a whim he reached out to Jimmy, who quickly responded, eager to be involved. Shortly after the Veterans Club was born; encompassing comradery, whiskey, and more!
It’s important to note that the Veterans Club is not exclusive to previously serving members of the military. We welcome membership to any current or ex-serving member of the ADF or allied military. We recognise we are part of a global community, and we truly value the sacrifices from anyone who has fought to protect our way of life. If you’re wondering why you or service members you know should join the club here’s a breakdown.

Ryan Wilson

The primary reason for the Veterans Club is to provide a warm, welcoming environment, where members can embrace a community of shared experience. We appreciate that time spent in the military creates a special bond between members. They spend a great deal of time together, in environments that civilians are unable to comprehend. Our ultimate goal is to simulate a comfortable environment where military members, past and present, can come to experience that feeling of community, outside of the realms of the defence force. The benefits don’t stop here though! In addition, members can look forward to:
● 20% discount on whiskies, spirits, and merchandise
● Exclusive club whiskies, spirits, and merchandise
● Special events
● Other exclusive offers and training opportunities

Additionally, we will be raising money in support of our affiliate partners. There are many organisations that are devoted to providing aid to our military personnel, and it is important that they receive funding to continue their integral work. If you are interested in offering support, or just want to learn more about them you can find their details below.

To reiterate, membership is open to all current and former serving military personnel of the Australian Defence Force, and allied forces. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out, we’d love to have you onboard. You’ve done your part, now let us do ours.

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