Wheat Whiskey


45% ABV

Australia’s first Wheat Whiskey.

Look; Slight red, amber.
Nose; Fruity, brown sugar, slight floral.
Taste; Raisins, maple syrup, vanilla, caramel.
Finish; Raw honey, dried fruits.

Born from our connection to the Western Australian Wheatbelt and our good mates who farm there. Our single grain collection showcases the heritage of our humble local farmers and the provenance of their land.

A generation in the making, it began with sourcing the best. A Hard Red Winter Wheat from the Armstrong and Blight farms near Narrogin, Western Australia. High in protein, this wheat derives silky soft, honey rich characteristics. Patiently aged for 4 years in Char #3 Virgin American White Oak barrels, flavours of  vanilla, maple syrup and caramel blend artfully together across oak and grain. A taste that is a true reflection of our Western Australia grains and our urban Perth Distillery. A Wheat Whiskey redefined.