Upshot Hungarian Oak


43% ABV

Hungarian Oak Aged 4 years

Introducing one of two of our most exclusive whiskey offerings. Hungarian Oak Upshot is a once-off with only 100 bottles Available. Following somewhat of a tradition at Whipper Snapper we didn’t want to pick any used barrel for a premium new-make spirit. So head distiller Jimmy searched for something rare and different. A 100L Hungarian virgin oak barrel was found, which is usually reserved for fine wines rather than whiskey.

This oak, Quercus frainetto, commonly grows in parts of southeastern Europe. The trees grow slower and shorter than species like American oak, giving it a tigher grain pattern, allowing the spirit to age slower with more gentle tannins, similar to French oak.

Jimmy wasn’t happy with its traditional toast finish, so he had local Margaret River cooper deconstruct and char the barrel to level 4. The charring process opens the oak up and caramelised the wood sugars, giving the whiskey flavours like toffee, dark fruits, cherries, spice and even dark chocolate notes.

This was not a finishing barrel instead, the Upshot new-make spent its entire life of 4 years patiently maturing in the oak.

Upshot Hungarian oak is unique and presents flavours you won’t find in any other whiskey on the market. A style of Upshot that won’t be replicated again, making it an authentic Australian craft whiskey.