Quinoa Whiskey


46.5% ABV

Australia’s First Quinoa Whiskey

Look; Deep Gold
Nose; Earthy, fresh hay
Taste; Nutty, vanilla, sweet spice, and caramel
Finish; Pepper, herbal, creamy mouth feel
Single barrel

Four years of hard work including countless trials have culminated in a 100% locally made innovative whiskey, designed to intrigue and excite the palate.
This is Australia’s first Quinoa whiskey and second ever worldwide. Boasting a unique and expensive majority quinoa (65%), along with 25% corn and 10% malted barley.
The golden variety quinoa is grown locally, near Narrogin in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. In fact the quinoa is Australia’s first commercially grown, by our friends, 3 Farmers Quinoa.
We mature the whiskey in barrels previously used for our award-winning Upshot Australian whiskey then patiently aged it for 4 years right here in Perth’s perfect whiskey climate.
Project Q will be sure to test the palate, grain forward and sharply integrated, this whiskey will change your perception of what an Australian whiskey can be!

Cocktail Suggestion

Quinoa Sazerac

This whiskey has a very complex flavour profile with earthy and herbaceous notes, it sure makes a delicious Sazerac!

30ml Project Q Quinoa Whiskey
30ml Upshot Australian Whiskey
½ Bar spoon of sugar syrup
4 dashes of creole bitters
Stir thoroughly over ice in a mixing glass
Spritz serving glass with absinthe rinse
Strain into serving glass, garnish with lemon twist and serve.