Peach Gimlet


30% ABV

Peach Gimlet

A great way to kick off our cocktail series and just in time for Mother’s Day, a must for any cool mum’s pantry shelf.

A diverse product to please any cocktail lover. Each bottle includes 2 -3 serves, depending on the cocktail option you use. Made with Crazy Uncle Moonshine,
cold pressed lime juice and house made peach syrup.

Refreshing ,fruity crowd pleaser. Serve as Aperitif to start a night out or Digestif after a great Dinner.

Cocktail suggestions

Option 1 : Base for your favorite Bellini (30ml of Peach Gimlet, top up with local Sparkling Wine)
Option 2 : Base for your favorite Highball ( 60ml of Peach Gimlet, pour your favorite Tonic or mixer over Ice)
Option 3 : Stir 90ml of Peach Gimlet on two big ice cubes – Garnish with a big citrus zest