Maple Old Fashioned


200ml / 700ml
30% ABV

Maple Old Fashioned

Whether you’re a seasoned whiskey connoisseur or just starting your journey, we can all agree on one thing.. Old Fashioneds are delicious!

As one of the oldest classic cocktails going, in typical Whipper Snapper fashion, we have decided to release our own twist on it! Not only have we perfected the recipe, but we have bottled it for your convenience. The maple not only acts to balance sweetness, but it also provides a textural component to make this cocktail both syrupy and smooth.

As always, this cocktail is best enjoyed across seasons and in good company.

Simply pour over ice, stir and garnish with an orange zest. Feel free to make a round out of sight, surprise your friends and take all the credit!
A classic redefined.

2 sizes available. Small batch product with limited quantities. Contains Orange.