41% ABV

Look; Dark Chocolate.
Nose; Sweet, melted toffee.
Taste; Chocolate, vanilla, malt, caramel.
Finish; Creamy, rich coffee.

Jetpack is intentionally unsweetened. Patiently barrel aged. This not a coffee liqueur. This is a hard coffee, made with love. Drink it neat or mix it!

A collaboration with locals – Timely Coffee Roasters. Crafted using Upshot ‘new make’ whiskey blended with Sidamo, Ethiopian Heirloom variety cold brew. Aged for 3 months together in ex-upshot barrels to naturally infuse.

Cocktail Suggestion

Motley Brüe

Designed by our friends at Freo Social.

30ml Jetpack Hard Coffee
15ml Kahlua
15ml Cointreau
Build over ice top with soda and garnish with a fresh wedge of orange.

Alternatively, if you have a sweet tooth simply pour 30ml Jetpack Hard Coffee over a quality vanilla ice cream and enjoy as a boozy affogato!