Hot Toddy Kit


Let’s warm up with some hot toddies this winter!

Hot toddies are lovely slow sippers or night caps and they could not be easier to make.
For this classic cocktail, you’ll just need your favorite Whipper Snapper Whiskey, honey, citrus, hot water and an “Inner Spice” Hot Toddy Spice Pack. Hot toddies are reported to help reduce cold symptoms, here you go!

This Starter Kit includes :

Upshot Whiskey 700ml
Branded WSD 12oz Dual Glass
Dehydrated Oranges
“Inner Spice” Hot Toddy Spice Pack

Here is our classic “Hot Toddy ” measure per cup for easy preparation at home:

30ml of Upshot Whiskey
15ml Lemon or Lime ( Choose your favorite)
15ml Local WA Honey ( Add more if you have a sweet taste)
Hot Toddy Spices
100-200ml Hot water ( Choose your desired strength)
Simply add them all one by one to your heated dual wall glass.

Fancy a big serve to treat your family at the next occasion?
Triple the recipe and heat up the batch on the stove like Nana would do!
Remember to add your Upshot Whiskey last , to keep the original strength.