Cacao & Coffee Moonshine


22% ABV

Look; Chocolate brown
Nose; Mocha, raisins, cacao
Taste; Sweet rich dark chocolate, caramel, toasted marshmallow
Finish; Red velvet, creamy butter, smooth espresso

This coffee and cacao combination really is the dark horse of its kind.

As the first liqueur on our shelf, its conception has been taken into careful consideration. Our signature Crazy Uncle Moonshine has been infused with the complex characters from a long-standing favourite, the Five Senses Coffee ‘Dark Horse’ beans. Its intense flavour is rounded out by the cacao, creating a creamy, well-balanced finish.

Effortlessly combining three of the world’s best; full-bodied espresso, rich dark chocolate and silky-sweet moonshine – this is a flavour sensation not to be missed.

Use it as a replacement for your espresso martini or pour it over ice and indulge in one of the best taste experiences.