Better Together Whiskey


43% ABV

Better Together Whiskey

The Returned Services League of Western Australia and Legacy Western Australia are committed to ‘working better together’ as we look to the future of Veterans and their family’s needs. The Better Together Whiskey is about raising funds for the increasing needs of the veteran community.

Proceeds from purchasing this Whiskey will go towards employment services, advocacy support, health and well-being services and social activities for widows and their families, education assistance for their dependent children and mentoring.

Raising funds for our veterans and their families.

Upshot Whiskey Tasting Notes

Look; Golden Amber
Nose; Vanilla, toffee, apricot, and honey
Taste; Caramel, vanilla, dark fruits, and maple syrup
Finish; Soft with butterscotch, chocolate, and dried fruits

Bottles are limited.